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I offer some services as my time permits and availability of my computer tech support allows.  Nominal fees will apply to cover costs and
professional services plus shipping. Copyright of all original digital
masters will be retained by the applicable technical service agency.
All original materials (photograph hardcopy) will be returned to you.

Photo Digitise

Photos you submit are high resolution scanned in millions of colors
(or 256 grey scale) and can be duplicated or enlarged and printed on High 
quality glossy paper and a reduced (and compressed) version may be stored on floppy disk and shipped to you.

The original digital masters may also be stored in an archival storage
center for preservation.

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Hard Copy

Soft or hard bound editions may become available to members of the family tree as soon as there would become substantive coordinated material to warrant publication.

Another potential vehicle for publication to members is a CD-ROM.

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Please submit all questions and comments to kansas1997@aol.com